Meet our Nutrition Experts –

the Healthy Pet Advisory Council

PetSmart is dedicated to developing the most complete nutrition and wellness solutions for your pet. That’s why we’ve created the Healthy Pet Advisory Council™, selected from some of the best and brightest veterinarians, researchers, and pet nutritionists.


The council is committed to providing nutritional education and guidance to the PetSmart team and to helping pet parents make informed choices for their pet’s individual needs.

Our External Experts

Randall Johnson

Dr. Randall Johnson has over 40 years of industry and academic experience as a consultant to the pet food, livestock feed and aquaculture industries.


Angela Witzel Rollins

Dr. Angela Witzel Rollins is a Diplomate and former President of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition.  She is currently President-Elect of the American...

Kelly S. Swanson

Dr. Kelly Swanson is the Kraft Heinz Company Endowed Professor in Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Dr. Angele Thompson’s over 37 years of experience in regulatory compliance, nutrition & product development for companion animals. She has consulted...

Angele Thompson
Joseph Wakshlag

Dr. Joseph Wakshlag currently serves as Dr. Joseph Wakshlag currently serves as Professor, Sections of Clinical Nutrition and Sports Medicine ...

Our PetSmart Team

Amy Schauwecker

Amy Schauwecker is PetSmart’s Sr. Director of Formulation and Engineering.

Before PetSmart, Schauwecker... 


Jennifer Freeman

Dr. Jennifer Freeman is the Veterinarian for Services at PetSmart where she consults on pet safety issues provided by...


Patty McCormick

Patty McCormick has been working in Quality Assurance and Food Safety for the past 34 years.

She began her career with...